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Program in Surgery & Public Health - Residency Track Curriculum

Global Surgery Program - Department of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center


Mentors are chosen during the spring of the PGY 1 year and a longitudinal relationship is maintained throughout tract. Mentors will aid in facilitating scholarly work, coordinating international experiences and career development.

The core faculty members currently are Thomas McIntyre, M.D. and Frances Valcek, M.D.

Clinical Skills

The broad based clinical training in general surgery will be supplemented by rotations as a senior resident on the following services at Kings County Hospital:

  • Urology

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Orthopedics

International Field Experience

The international component of the residency tract is strongly recommended. Participating residents will coordinate travel with mentors that have ongoing relationships with sites in the developing world. Over the 5 years of residency participants will be exposed to the different paradigms in the delivery of surgery in the developing world with respect to geography, level of care and institutional infrastructure.

Current International Partners Include:

» Partners In Health/Zanmi Lasante Haiti
» One Small House Mexico
» Village Health Works Burundi
» Surgeons Overseas Sierra Leone
» Valcek Team Philippines
» Valcek Team - Ecuador

International rotations are to be completed during vacation time voluntarily. There is currently no designated clinical time for approved international rotations (Subject to change). There will be aid in scheduling voluntary rotations to coincide with attending projects.

Currently there is no funding in place to facilitate resident travel. In country expenses are generally provided. (Subject to change)

Scholarly Work

Resident scholarly work is key to the completion of the track. Completion and presentation of two projects are required prior to graduation. Each project must address an issue related to surgery and public health: one locally and one in the developing world. The potential subject matter is wide ranging and it is recommended that mentor and resident coordinate resources. Each project must be presented in 3 forums: general surgery grand rounds, SUNY-Downstate school of public health and a regional or national conference.

Language Proficiency

Appropriate language skills are extremely valuable in Global Surgery. The curriculum aims to establish minimum language proficiency in participating residents outside of their native tongue. The most appropriate language and course of study will decided in the spring of PGY 1.

  PGY1 PGY2 Research PGY3 PGY4PGY5
Mentorship Meet with monthly starting in January Reading Curriculum Monthly meetings Quarterly Meetings Monthly Meetings Monthly Meetings,
Career Development,
Junior Mentorship
Monthly Meetings,
Career Development,
Junior Mentorship
Clinical Rotations No change in broad based core rotations in General Surgery No change in broad based core rotations in General Surgery   No change in broad based core rotations in General Surgery Broad based core rotations in General Surgery

Rotations in Urology, OB/GYN, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery
No change in broad based core rotations in General Surgery
Developing World Experience None Recommended International experience recommended. Caribbean Extended international experience International experience recommended Africa International experience recommended Asia International experience recommended
Scholarly Work Discuss Broad Interests Design and start 2 research projects:
1. Domestic
2. International
  Continued work on research projects Continued work on research projects Presentation of projects in 3 forums prior to graduation
Language Proficiency Decide appropriate language for international work Continued Study   Continued Study Continued Study Demonstrate proficiency prior to graduation
Other Masters Program in Public Health recommended during research year