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Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Excellence in Patient Care

Teaching and Education


Our Team at Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery - SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Research at Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Welcome to the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center .

SUNY Downstate Medical Center provided seminal contributions to the early development of cardiac surgery. The first case of cardiac surgery using cardiopulmonary bypass in New York State, and the second case in the world was performed by Dr. Clarence Dennis in 1955 in this center.

We offer same day appointments to patients and specialize in MINIMALLY-INVASIVE CARDIAC SURGERY as well as MINIMALLY-INVASIVE THORACIC SURGERY besides offering other diverse cardiothoracic surgical services with an emphasis on mutli-disciplinary approach to care.

Most insurances are accepted.
We coordinate all of your care and provide "second opinions".
Please call us at 718-270-1981 to make an appointment.

Our Vision:

» To be a national leader in the delivery of cardiac and thoracic surgery as exemplified by our outcomes, patient
      satisfaction and our expertise in the care of advanced diseases within a multi-disciplinary team model.

Our Purpose and Mission:

» To provide excellent and state-of-the art care for patients with heart and thoracic diseases.
» To provide compassionate care to a multi-cultural community.
» To teach and educate the community and the next generation of physicians and surgeons.
» To excel in translational research and develop improved treatment options to improve quality of care, patient    safety and overall survival .


» Information about heart-valve diseases ? (Howard Gilman Institute )

» Want to contact us for second opinion ? it may save your life !
   We are available for consultation as a second opinion on all cardiac and thoracic diseases. Please bring or send    us a copy of your reports and films, and we can arrange a telemedicine or personal appointment.

» To make the same-day appointment, please call 718-270-1981

» Need information about our Ambulatory Surgery center? Please click here.

» Our brochure

Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
450 Clarkson Avenue, Hospital Building, 8th Floor
Tel: 718-270-1981 | Fax: 718-270-3843
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