----- FOUNDED IN 1887------
President: Richard Fogler, M.D.
President-Elect: Hueldine Webb, M.D.
Secretary: Mitchell Chorost, M.D.

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Brooklyn Surgical Society Events are held at:

Marco Polo Restaurant, 345 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY (Map)

Brooklyn Surgical Council

James Rucinski M.D
. - past president, Methodist Hospital
Michael Zenilman, M.D. - past president, SUNY DOwnstate
Alex Schwartzman M.D. - past president, SUNY Downstate
Antonio Alfonso, M.D. - Long Island College Hospital
Joel Horowitz, M.D. - Maimonides Hospital
Michael Bernstein, M.D. - Long Island College Hospital

Department of Surgery
phone: (718) 270-1421  fax: (718) 270-2826

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Last updated: November 17, 2008